Toby's Therapy Philosophies

    • People do what works for them.
    • God made us for connection.  Isolation, individually or relationally is bad for us.
    • True empathy is one of the most powerful forces in a relationship.
    • Unhealthy relationships can look a lot like anxiety, depression or mania when looked at in isolation.
    • Vulnerable communication in relationships cures a lot of common ailments.
    • The strength of relationships is directly correlated to the commitments that are honored and kept.
    • You have very limited power to change your partner/spouse, you can only change you.
    • The distance between expectations and reality is disappointment.
    • People are more comfortable with binary choices, but life is usually more complicated.
    • If you are keeping score in your relationship, there won’t be any winners.
    • Get rich quick schemes don’t work, neither do quick therapy fixes.
    • You are the expert of you.